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EXHIBITIONS / William Blake, the visionary poet-painter, seems to be more advanced than ever. In London opens a large exhibition of his works at Tate Britain 11. September, in Norway, his graphic series inspired by Job's book will be on display at Haugar as part of the exhibition "Metaphysics".
"The tigers of wrath are wise horses of instruction." William Blake

William Blake wrote: "I do not want to calculate and measure, my job is to create." It was the influence of the forces on the soul life and their activity in the world that became the subject of his poetry and visual art. When London's Tate Britain now opens the doors to the largest Blake parade in 20 years, it is first and foremost the visual artist who appears, but the poet is never far away.

He himself saw his poems as pictures and his pictures as poems. When Blake, who lived from 1757 to 1827, has proven to make the transition to the 21st century, it is because his art and poetry are constantly about transgressing boundaries we have set as the framework around our lives – borders many. . .

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Uthaug has written the Blake biography The Cosmic Forge.

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