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Hanne Ramsdal

Ramsdal is a writer.

Experiences with death

SORROW: This book pretends that we are together about something that every single human being is basically really alone about.

I was completely out of the world

Essay: The author Hanne Ramsdal tells here what it means to be put out of action – and come back again. A concussion leads, among other things, to the brain not being able to dampen impressions and emotions.

Closest to the meaning of life

DURAS: Isn't being able to explain what remains largely unexplained, perhaps what comes closest to the meaning of life?

The Moon – The New Suburb of Earth

Future optimism goes hand in hand with a critical look at humanity – at the Henie Onstad Art Center.

Are you a human being?

The way we see – and do not see – the outside world is largely determined by the culture and society in which we grow up and are shaped. But is it possible to reveal our own blind spots in our day? asks author Hanne Ramsdal.

National Library: It's as if the building has been waiting for this

The National Library recently opened an exhibition on Norwegian sci-fi. "Maybe more than ever we need a genre that can contain philosophical and difficult questions about our existence," writes author Hanne Ramsdal.

Photography for change

Dorothea Lange and Vanessa Winship's joint exhibition in London show political photography from two very different eras – how much is still the same. 

Machine Man

The technological man was recently examined during a seminar organized by the Norwegian Critics' Association, as part of the literature festival at Lillehammer.

Alternative universes

In the exhibition Into the Unknown in London, even an 42 year old mother and her 13 old son can find common ground – on a journey through sci-fi history.