Growth at all costs?

Society is characterized by the debate between pessimists and optimists, where the optimists have so far had a significant head start. This is despite the fact that we realize that over-consumption is based on a system that treats the biosphere as an assembly line of goods and services to be consumed. At the same time, nature and atmosphere are used as a rubbish dump, where old goods are dumped in the form of pollution, plastic and exhaust gases. But we are growing, in terms of both the number of things and things we no longer want, in height and width. And we will be more.

A completely unique book attempts a comprehensive analysis of the concept of "growth". The Czech-Canadian environmental / energy historian Vaclav Smil spends 600 pages reviewing everything we know about growth and "growing". Through six chapters, he delves into everything from nature to the social and to much of what exists of technical and. . .

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