Theater of Cruelty

Alexander Harang

Harang is the editor of "Fredsnasjonen", the magazine MODERN TIMES published in the summer of 2021.

New threat images, war in Europe – and the defense of the future

All hindsight notwithstanding – the Russian #invasion# came hard on the vast majority of us. In terms of peace policy, we were also poorly prepared for what was to come. Although the Russian build-up against Ukraine had...

More peace policy, thank you!

Peace Nation: Peace policy ends up outside the focus of both the media and politicians.

The reputation of the "Peace Nation"

PEACE INDEX:  Norway has now ended up in 17th place due to arms exports.

The world's military supermarket

Arms: The world currently spends about 16 billion kroner on the military. While covid-000 sticks sticks in the wheels of most of the world's merchandise trade, the trade in munitions seems to be an exception.

Norwegian export control in change – time for tightening

Arms exports: For those who follow the debate on Norwegian arms exports, 2021 has been one of the most dramatic years ever. The first bomb went off in February, when the Office of the Auditor General's review of Norwegian export control was published. In the wake of this, new information about Norwegian arms exports to the Emirates has been revealed, a new strategy for the arms industry has been launched by the government, and everyone is waiting anxiously for what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will come up with solutions to the many problems uncovered in its next report on export control. , in June.

The new defense-industrial strategy

Arms: Norway creates a distinctive military-industrial complex between our defense sector, research environments and the arms industry.

New agreement with the USA challenges Norwegian base policy

The base statement: After Norway and the USA entered into an agreement in April on practical matters for US military activity in Norway, the debate on Norwegian base policy has flared up in earnest. The peace policy dividing lines in the case are clear.

Politics for peaceful coexistence?

DISPOSAL CHOICE: Is it possible to form an opinion about which peace policy alternatives one has to choose from in this autumn's election? Here we have reviewed the positions of the election programs to prevent violent conflict, resolve conflicts non-violently and contribute to peace and reconciliation after violent conflict.

Norway in the UN Security Council – a vote for peace?

UN: Since January, Norway has been a member of the UN Security Council. Three of Norway's peace efforts in the Security Council are successful, but the fourth, "climate and security", is on unsafe ground.