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Carmen Gray

Gray is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

"Fuck you, Bashar"

Feras Fayyad: The Cave
SYRIA: Feras Fayyad's new documentary shows people's courage, resilience and solidarity in a hospital under the bomb.

Kinshasa's "perpetual theater"

Anne Reijniers, Rob Jacobs, Nizar Saleh, Paul Shemisi: Faire-Part
CONGO: Four filmmakers find new ways to tell Kinshasa's story. They look to the city's performance artists, who turn upside down after the colonial era.

The Art of Escape: A European Nightmare

Hassan Fazili: Midnight Traveler
Migrant: The Fazili family are migrants. They record mobile phones of their dangerous journey from Afghanistan via the migrant route in the Balkans and to an uncertain future in Europe.

Where were your revolutionaries, Karl?

Christian Labhart: Passion – Between Revolt and Resignation
PHILOSOPHY: The documentary Passion – Between Revolt and Resignation reflects on man's willingness to engage in his time and to revolt.

The post-Soviet city where dance is political

Stepan Polivanov: Raving Riot
TECHNO-PROTESTS: A dancing protest and its growth and fall in front of the Georgia parliament.

THE RIGHT TO BE HIGH: Colorado's cannabis experiment

Jane Wells: Pot Luck: The Altered State of Colorado
legalization: Has the legalization of marijuana led to idyllic freedom for users, or has another market for cynical profit hunters emerged?

An exercise in solidarity

Jean-Gabriel Periot: Our Defeats (Nos défaites)
activism: The French rebel police's handling of protesters has led to a dramatic change in attitudes of students at a high school on the outskirts of Paris.

The city that was left in the fog of oblivion

Guy-Marc Hinant: Charleroi, The Land of 60 Mountains
City history / BELGIUM: Filmmaker Guy-Marc Hinant wants to save the hometown's reputation by digging out the forgotten stories that have been hidden in the mounds of the city's memories.

The earth accounts for the politics of capitalism

Brett Story: The Hottest August
URBANIZATION: The Hottest August holds up a mirror that reveals the underlying anxiety of modern survival strategy.