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Our journalist was assaulted at the border with Chechnya

Our journalist Øystein Windstad is attacked on the border between Ingushetia and Chechnya.

Orientering November 2015

August 13, 1960: Wrong should drive away wrong, says Morgenbladet By Ingrid and Johan Galtung Our confidence in Norwegian newspapers' foreign reports has never been great. How extremely complex events can be conveyed in a fairly truthful way without ...

Deichmanske Grünerløkka and MODERN TIMES organize "Burmauke"

Between 10. and 15. November, the Deichmanske Library at the Grünerløkka shows the video installation Burmese Days by the visual artist Karl Ingar Røys, as well as panel debates and film screenings.

PHOTO COMPETITION: «Welcome to Norway»

Radikal Portal and Ny Tid announce the Photo Competition: Welcome to Norway

Orientering October 2015

June 23, 1962: Arabs in Israel: We are beaten with both ends of the stick By Torild Skard The houses in the Arab villages in Israel are glued so close together up the hillsides that it seems like a ladder ...

An illusion of freedom

Dubai facilitates a comfortable, lethargic lifestyle – at least just comfortable enough to avoid a proliferation of fertile culture.

Orientering September 2015

Refugees who do NOT receive help on 19 January 1957 (in connection with the uprising in Hungary in the late autumn of 1956) By Chr. C. Gleditsch Norwegians' help to Hungarian refugees shows that we are able to help people who are in ...

Orientering June 17, 1967

Orientering the week after the Six Day War: In this month's Orienteringcolumn, we print both the leader about the role of the Norwegian press during the war in the Middle East and an interview with Jean-Paul Sartre about how he sees the road to peace in the region. This year is 20 years since the Oslo agreement (1993-1995), and we are constantly bringing this topic to Ny Tid.