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Melita Zajc

Zajc is a media writer, researcher and film critic. She lives and works in Slovenia, Italy and Africa.

The private is political

activism: One of the main goals of the Iranian clergy, the politicians and the people who support the clergy is to keep women and everything related to them out of the public sphere. But Nobel Prize nominee Masih Alinejad is giving voice to Iran's oppressed women through social and global media. Honesty, without pretensions, is an important part of Alinejad's life and writing.

Enemy culture or brotherhood

ETHICS: Umberto Galimberti advocates an ethic of aimless wandering, condemns domination and advocates a cosmopolitan, biocentric view that life on earth is the measure of all things. He promotes an ethic suited to the unpredictability of the new world of technology, that of the wanderer – dealing with difficulties as they arise, with whatever means are available at the time.

The absurd distinction between so-called civilized and barbaric violence

TORTURE: Veena Das' research shows that systematic torture is part of modern democracy.

Hitler's favorite director Leni Riefenstahl

FALSE OF HISTORY? Nina Gladitz challenges the notion that Leni Riefenstahl was an ingenious artist with poor political views. Her documentary about the filmmaker has been hidden in the German WDR archive since 1982. The reactions to Gladitz's book also show how difficult it is to seek truth and give the weakest in society a voice.

Anyone can make news

AVERAGE: Do the media maintain social and societal conditions, or are they a tool for change?

Save Assange, save democracy

FAIRNESS: While the US extradition request for Assange will be processed in another court round, Assange is still fighting a battle for democracy and journalistic integrity.

Touch, bubbles and buns for dementia

DEMENTIA: Nurse May Bjerre Eiby has developed a new treatment method for the elderly with dementia, with a belief in "hug and cake".

Absorbed by the exterior

PHOTO: Photographer Helmut Newton's controversial cult status persists long after his death.

False priest listens to true testimony

DIFFICULT ASKED: In Thy Kingdom Come, photographer and filmmaker Eugene Richards gives voice to ordinary people who are largely invisible in today's United States.