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Tori Aarseth

Aarseth is a political scientist and a regular journalist at Ny Tid.

«Norwegian authorities lack spine»

The situation in Yemen is worrying. Nevertheless, Norway still sells weapons to the parties. "I am shocked at the scale of serious war crimes committed by warring parties," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a recent report on children and armed conflict. 

Logical bombs in important systems

With the discovery of Stuxnet, we learned that digital weapons are used to achieve political goals. Ny Tid has talked to author Kim Zetter about how vulnerable today's digital management systems are.

Welcome to the cyber war

Countdown to Zero Day tells the story of Stuxnet, the world's first publicly known digital weapon. The book raises important questions about a war in which we can all become collateral damage. 

The assassination policy

During Obama's presidency, the war on terror went from being a conventional war fought with ground forces, to becoming a covert war fought with drones and advanced surveillance equipment.

Norway fails Snowden

Edward Snowden has sued the Norwegian state for being free to receive the Ossietzky Prize in November. It is the setting for a legal settlement that will have significance far beyond the requirement in the application.

A desperate cry in the dark

"I want you to know that I'm never going to commit suicide." The Snowden quote says a lot about the precarious existence of those who dare to challenge the power of the surveillance state. 

War crimes with Norwegian ammunition?

The war in Yemen has led to the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. All the warring parties are responsible for war crimes, according to the UN. Nevertheless, Norway continues to export arms to the parties.

"Norway helps dictators"

"Sad, but not surprising," says Wojoud Mejalli, an award-winning activist and journalist from Yemen about the Norwegian arms sale.

Creative chaos from the electronic front line

What can stories about mutants, flying cats and athletes teach us about the relationship between technology, society and man?