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Waves of earth

Half Life in Fukushima
Regissør: Mark Olexa Francesca Scalisi

Six years after the disaster, Fukushima is taken out of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie. But a few souls still stand.

documentary Half-life in Fukushima ("Half Life in Fukushima") was shown during the San Francisco Film Festival in April. The film is a unique essay about life after the worst nuclear disaster after Chernobyl, namely the Fukushima accident. As a result of an earthquake with force 9 on Richter's scale in March 2011, over 100 000 people were evacuated from the area around Fukushima. The earthquake triggered a series of tsunamis, including an 15 meter high wave that destroyed the nuclear power plant's reactors.

Postapocalyptic. Five years later, documentaries Mark Olexa and Francesca Scalisi were recording in and around the red zone, that is, the bounded area where most of the nuclear waste is stored in the Fukushima Prefecture.

The concept of the red zone got me thinking about the sci-fi movie The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1957), with Harry Belafonte in a post-apocalyptic. . .

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