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They risk life for writing

Stories about courage
Regissør: Kari Klyve-Skaug

How often do we read writers who have had to flee from war, death threats, torture and prison? But do we really long for a kind of detachment from a safe, prosperous, sheltered society?


What can a native Norwegian say about writing when there are people who have been forced into exile because they wrote?

In the documentary Stories about courage we meet Mansur Rajih (Yemen), Asieh Amini (Iran), Philo Ikonya (Kenya) and Musa Mutaev (Chechnya) – they are writers and activists living in exile in Norway. In the film, they describe their own experiences with prison and torture, having lost friends and family in war, and having seen their hometown burn.

To top it all, they felt that the truth of these events did not see the light of day where they were. That all who tried to protest were silenced to death. That the authorities pretended everything was fine, while everyone was suffering. They felt compelled to seize the pen to tell of these abuses, while this act forced them to leave their homeland. They were punished for being told.

Freedom of speech

Stories about courage can potentially. . .

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