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The Israeli mentality and the militaristic undertones of society

In the shadow of the wall. Israel / Palestine
Forfatter: Tomas Andersson, Stefan Focconi
Forlag: Carlssons, (Sverige)
ISRAEL / Two Swedish authors portray the people of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a large reportage book.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Over time, many attempts have been made to describe the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in book form. In the early 1980s, the now-deceased Israeli writer Amos Oz formed the school by doing so in traveling reportage form. That was with the book In the land of Israel ', which was also published in Norwegian (JW Cappelens Forlag, 1984), and a few years later David Grossman wrote the equally masterful The yellow wind following roughly the same pattern.

Now, two Swedish journalists, Tomas Andersson and Stefan Focconi, have written a brick of more than 500 pages, where they take a similar journey in the conflict area. They have had their regular walk in the Middle East for more than 20 years and this deep background has become a kaleidoscopic account that at first glance seems both overwhelming and easier. . .

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Hans Henrik Fafner
Fafner is a regular critic in Ny Tid. Residing in Tel Aviv.

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