The new culture of uncertainty

Mary Kaldor's research shows that the security strategies of the authorities maintain and exacerbate the wars rather than halt them, and create good conditions for war profiteers.

Kroglund is a critic and writer.
Published: November 1, 2018
Global Security Cultures
Author: Mary Kaldor
Publisher: Polity Press, England,

"There is an ominous feeling, almost like in the 1930 century, of a terrible, worldwide tragedy taking place." This is how Professor Mary Kaldor of Global Governance, London School of Economics, starts the book Global Security Cultures. The book is a result of her five-year research project on war and conflict, and is likely to be read by both parts of the military establishment and various security analysts. It should also be read by our own politicians, especially given that Norway is deeply involved in international operations.

Why, 16 years after the terrorist attacks in the United States, military means are still being used to fight…

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