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A new culture

Antonio Gramsci's notes from the cell in fascist Italy in the 20 century were collected and published under the title Prison Diaries after World War II. The time has come to pick him up again.


The time has come to win back Antonio Gramsci (1891 – 1937), freeing this central Marxist philosopher from the deadly grip of the left-wing liberal-libertarians, who by far embody everything Gramsci fought against. [The left side in Italy can be described as more opportunistic, pragmatic and out of touch with its historical roots than in many other European countries.] Today, the left is nothing more than a cultural phenomenon that adorns the powerful construction of global capitalism. It forms – we could say with Gramsci – part of topsides. Globalization without reservation; a Europeanism without head or leadership; a wagging, transatlantic obedience; a market economy sick of privatization: All this has become the real pillars of the left and orienteringpoints after the flight of the flag from the struggle against capitalism, and the subsequent adherence to the victory march of capitalism. The path has gone from the struggle against imperialism to a struggle for imperialism; from a struggle for the oppressed to a struggle against the oppressed, that is, the national-populist masses baked together by the losers of the globalization process.

[infobox maintitle = ”ANTONIO GRAMSCI” subtitle = ”Gramsci (1891–1937) was an Italian, philosopher and politician, and began his studies in philology and linguistics at the university. . .

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Fusaro is a philosopher and teacher at ISSAP in Milan, and runs the website Filosofico.net. He is now a regular columnist in Ny Tid.

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