Born in the wrong booth

American Boys by photographer Soraya Zaman is the result of a three-year journey through the US states. Through essays and photographs, Zaman seeks to capture the experiences of 21 transgender individuals who undergo a female-to-male gender transformation. Zaman finds all the respective portrait objects via the social media Instagram, where it all started with the @americanboysproject account.

The term "gender" is a socially created social construct that follows a strict set of binary rules about how women and men should look, behave and so on. This binary ideology is perceived as toxic to the transsexual and non-binary environment represented in this book.

So-called gender genders (people who identify with their biological gender category) have a special responsibility to show openness and acceptance of a more fluid gender identity in society. Transsexualism has existed at all times. Evidence of this has been found in Greek myths, classical histories, Renaissance and cultural anthropology.

The photographs show people striving to look the way they really feel.

Zaman points out in the book's introduction that the Native Americans have always recognized. . .

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