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Bear Bow: Israel and the Arab States

ORIENTERING: To expect a solution or just a will for a solution from the UN, is to indulge in wild wishful thinking.


September 1968

Jens Bjørneboe

Norway is, remarkably, one of the countries strongly and directly affected by the "Middle East conflict", that is to say the perpetual and chronic war between Israel and the Arab states. Despite our geographical distance, the preliminary highlight of the war, the "Six Day War" last summer, has had the most favorable, concrete, that is, economic, significance for our glorious fatherland.

The Six Day War saved our national budget this year: In the first half of last year, Norway posted a deficit of 1 435 million. The corresponding half year 1968 has brought one overshot at 180 million. The surplus is due to extraordinary revenues from Norwegian shipping, which, due to the "closure of the Suez Canal" in the first half of this year, had a record net freight revenue of 3 120 million, ie three times as much as the entire previous deficit in the foreign account. It can be noted that the press does not write that the money was earned "on the war", but on the "closure of the Suez Canal".

It is hardly possible to say exactly how much Norway earned on the war last year, but it was just over a billion. I also have no exact estimate of how many dead Jews. . .

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Jens Bjørneboe
Author. Wrote in Ny Tids predecessor Orientering.

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