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Camera women in the firing line

PHOTOGRAPHY / A diverse selection of skilled war photographers is highlighted in oblivion in two new exhibitions at the Preus museum: War Time (1935 – 1950) and Lee Miller.

Wartime 1935-1950 og Lee Miller: War and fashion
Prussian Museum 7.4 – 8.9.19

All of the nine photographers represented in the Preus Museum's new exhibition are women who have documented the consequences of the war armed only with camera. The pictures are rough and striking, but also warm, documentary – some surprising glorifying war. The palette and the theme is wide. The photographers worked on assignments for the press and the military, yet much of their skilled photojournalism and unique propaganda images are forgotten.

The digitization process has re-actualized the problem with images marked with "photographer unknown", or the fact that entire life's work is dusted off in the archives. The research work that is going on is constantly revealing the carelessness of history with regard to who or what has been credited. The exhibition's list of partners – the Norwegian Technical Museum, the Labor Movement's archive and library, the Oslo Museum and Tone Svinningen – shows how resource-intensive. . .

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Ellen Lande
Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

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