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Chaos always triumphs over order

ASSANGE / WikiLeaks is a Puritan illusion.


What crime is he charged with? Why are the powerful of the world so angry with him that they are pursuing him mercilessly, or hope (like Democrat Clinton) that one drone want to take him off days? Julian Assange's crime is that he believed in the words and concepts that form the basis of the liberal democracy and Western political culture: truth, openness and democracy.

The prolonged aggression against Assange – which breaks with the basis of information ethics, is abhorrent and hypocritical.

The philosophy behind WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange's personal participation, stems from an unwavering confidence in openness and information. Herein lies the strength of WikiLeaks, and therein lies its weakness. Confidence in transparency is WikiLeaks' weak point – I do not think the truth is omnipotent. The relationship between signs and reality is no longer clear, and the collective consciousness is overwhelmed by a stream of informational nerve impulses to the extent that openness is drowning in white noise. It is as if an excess of light causes the world to plummet into darkness.

The Dark Age, as Europeans called the Middle Ages, was the result of an extreme absence of social interaction: a kingdom of silence. The darkness of our time, on the other hand, is the result of an unlimited spread of information sources and stimuli – which shine on us from a thousand dazzling displays. Here the ability for critical thinking and conscious decisions is paralyzed – the shit storm prevails.

Censorship, which has long been the foremost feature of authoritarian regimes, has today been replaced by an explosion of signs and information that is catching our attention. The concept of "Dark Enlightenment» represents a widespread notion that we are approaching the destruction of humanity.

Power and secret

The premise of WikiLeaks' action – impeccably executed from a journalistic point of view – is that media political power is based on a secret, and that the truth will therefore be rebellious, liberating. Assange has been arrested for allegedly uncovering truths (about certain unknown US bombings in Afghanistan, among many others).

# Disclosure of secrets and revealing of what political and military power is doing is the cornerstone of liberal democracy.


All Assange is guilty of is philosophical naivety.

But liberal democracy is dead – the foundation stone has crumbled. Therefore, the premise of WikiLeaks becomes philosophically debatable – and in my opinion, quite wrong. A secret is where hidden content is hidden – the truth is somewhere, hidden in a drawer. If we had the key and opened the drawer, we would have uncovered the secret and uncovered the truth.

But power is no longer based on secrecy. Today's power, on the other hand, is based on an explosion of truth – a semiotic inflation of characters without boundaries. The secret has been replaced by the endless riddle of the dirt storm. If the secret is caused by a concealment of the truth, the enigmatic in turn stems from the fact that the infinite possibilities of truth escape every critical glance.

In the realm of lies

Throughout his career as a media activist and alerts Julian Assange has performed with exceptional efficiency his mission as spokesman for truth: He has condemned military crimes, financially corruption and false authorities. But at the same time, and perhaps against his own intentions, he has become an instrument for the Chaos, which is the true emperor of the modern world. The cultural background of WikiLeaks is a Puritan illusion: that language is used in either the service of truth or falsehood, and that statements can therefore be identified in unambiguous modes as true or false, right or wrong, good or evil.

The cultural panorama of the semi-capitalist society can be described
like a kind of hyperbaric maze.

But this premise does not suffice to understand contemporary psychic and social panorama. Identifying what is true and what is falsehood can in itself have terrible political consequences. For example, revealing the Democrats' fraud during the 2016 election campaign was justified, from a purely moral point of view. But because of the political context, the factual truth was turned into a service to the Emperor of lies, Donald Trump. / P>

A penchant for truth can have paradoxical effects: In the name of purity, WikiLeaks was used by those who wish to destroy the structures and cultural conditions of human civilization. The cultural panorama of semi-capitalist society, invaded by huge amounts of info-stimuli, can be described as a kind of hyperbaric maze. In a competition between Puritanism and the Baroque, the Baroque will inevitably be the winner, since Kaos always prevails over order, so the false rumor always wins over flimsy human voices.

The pursuit of Assange must cease, for the only thing Assange is guilty of is to demonstrate philosophical naivety: He believed in ethics, truth and the strength of democracy at a time when ethics, truth and democracy have suffered shipwreck.

Translated from Italian from
© Commune by Emma Bakkevik.
Why persecuted Julian Assange?

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Bernardi is a philosopher, writer and activist living in Italy.

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