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Becoming animal – movie of the month

Watch the movie Becoming animal here. Password: MAXimage

Jean Ziegler – The Optimism of Willpower

              no longer available

Even Jesus Was Bipolar

          no longer available

My world is upside down

              no longer available


  The movie is no longer available.

The Trial: The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov

          Copy the password and click Watch on Vimeo Password: releasesentsovnow

A Moon of Nickel and Ice

              password: 1Journeyman!

A Memory in Khaki

            password: NEW @ October2017

Odin's theater soldiers

                Password: Norwegian text

Machine Gun or Typewriter

                Password: Mayakovsky

The General and Me

                93 min. password: ggGIAPP  

21 x New York Passord: 21xNY_70min

69 minutes Pass: 69minuttes

General Report II Pass:IG2

Close Relationships   Pass: relations

A Good American (movie) Passord: AGA_screener_US_final_HD



Children are not Afraid of Death… Passord: 1472017

The film Hannah Arendt – Vita Activa

See below for code.

Hissène Habré – Prosecuting and Embarrassing Ally. Directed by: Magali Serre

Watch the movie Hissène Habré with the password habre2017