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When the peace prize went to a Gestapo prisoner

PEACE PRIZE: MODERN TIMES has chosen to reprint this article about the Nobel Peace Prize from ORINTERING 50 years ago. There are 351 candidates nominated this year, of which Jens Stoltenberg (with 'weapons for peace') and Volodymyr Zelenskyj have been proposed for this award. Former laureate Carl von Ossietzky was one of German militarism's most uncompromising opponents. Here we see how the Norwegian right-wing press reacted to this.

About patent on wealth

50 YEARS AGO: Western industry holds the patents in absolutely the entire world.

The surveillance police

SURVEILLANCE: Within the surveillance police, there are approx. 300 people.

Socialist Electoral Association's 33 points

Defend the victory from the referendum Through the trade agreement, Norway's relationship with the EC has been clarified for the time being. But strong forces in our society will not settle for the result of the referendum on the EC. The capital interests work purposefully...

Prime Minister Absent registered by the Surveillance Police!

SURVEILLANCE: The Prime Minister shares the fate of surveillance in Norway with 200–400 compatriots. It gets worse, according to the book, "when the surveillance police's archives are apparently made available to NATO".


ALLIANCE PARTNERS: What kind of "freedom" is NATO fighting for in Greece, Turkey and Portugal? What kind of "peace" was the US fighting for in Vietnam? NATO membership for nearly 25 years has disempowered Norway.

"We are fascists"

nationalism: To give an insight into Portugal's extreme right, the pressure Orientering in 1973 the following.

Morgenbladet 1933/1973

The Instincts of the Free Man "When in his youth Hitler was driven away from his work because he was not organized, and did not want to be, he understood that Marxism had no use for free men....

Salute to murderers

Speaking of heads of state: Here are some of the darkest chapters in Norwegian press history in the intimate flirtation with fascism in the thirties – where Adolf Hitler's rise to power was welcomed. Moreover, later, a Norwegian prime minister paid tribute to Nixon, while the United States was behind abuse after abuse.