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Uncompromising bridal ink

THE WOMEN anthology is launched as part of the Danes' centenary for women's suffrage in 2015. The path to ideological criticism and authority rebellion may well go via the vagina, we should believe the Danish red-stocking movement's magazine.

WOMEN'S 1975-1984 magazine (anthology). Times Change, 2015.

"The female body is a battlefield." I heard this no less than three times last week, in three completely different contexts:
On Monday, I got a tip about a new book by the name Women's Bodies as Battlefield – the women's body as a battlefield – which deals with sexual violence against women as weapons of war. This is not the first time a book title makes use of this metaphor, and the theme is gradually well known – systematic rape as a war strategy has been reported in both Myanmar, Darfur, Bosnia, Berlin, Congo and many other places.
On Wednesday, I flipped through a celebrity magazine from last year, where movie star Keira Knightley spoke out after posing topless with unruly breasts on a magazine cover. The pose was a protest against the media's tendency to beautify and manipulate her body in pictures. "The female body is a battlefield," Knightley said.
On Saturday I sat and listened to the radio. The program was about American politics and how the battle for women's reproductive and sexual rights tends to end up as a burning issue. . .

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