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Have we become more concerned with faith because suddenly there are some Muslims among us?

After all, we were done with all the discussions about doubt and belief here in our secularized corner of the West. Some final blows never took place, but there were ever thinner ranks among the Christians and at the same time fewer who found any need to kill the dying.
But how long was Adam in Paradise?

New Time October 5, 2007
New Time October 5, 2007

Suddenly we are faced with a highly vibrant and pre-modern religion that has made old value debates as new. Many worn-out shoes are now being tried new – in the name of "dialogue" – and not even the greatest optimists dare to hope that the glam will subside immediately. Some believe that Islam is life-threatening and destructive, while others insist that it is fine-fine,. . .

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Kjetil Korslund
Historian of ideas and critic.

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