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Solutions without radiation selected

Radiation / The meters should become the "portal" into the customer's smart home. New services – from broadband to building management – were to be provided, giving the grid companies new, large revenue. But the air ran out of plans. 


Again, the EU vision of SmartNett stands: a coordinated power grid where electricity prices are controlled by demand and make it easier to get into new power sources – solar cells, wind power – and new large consumers, such as electric cars. New meters were needed with hour reporting and the possibility of switching on / off, and a power exchange with centralized coordination (Elhub).

The network companies chose wireless. The network companies are responsible for the communication technology of the meters. Several had tried to use the mains (PLC), but it was now opted out. Instead, it became wireless – local networks that install themselves, collect meter readings in groups and send them to the network company via mobile data. The meter manufacturers' alternative of wiring between the meters became too expensive and time-consuming.

People educational project. For many electricity customers, the AMS project has become a public information project: More than ever, they are reading about the health effects of microwave radiation from smart meters, mobiles and WiFi. Stories are told about the installer who quit the job "for that shit I will not be exposed to!", About the person who works full time removing communications cards from clients who have been exempted for health reasons, and whether he "obviously" removed it from his own family.

There are reports of people who – out of the blue, and without having the slightest thought about it – get significant health problems as soon as the meters arrive. Some develop hypersensitivity that persists after removing the meter radio part. The consequences will be great for their lives – see

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Einar Flydal
Einar Flydal
Flydal is a pensioner with a background as a researcher and senior advisor in the Telenor Group and a university lecturer at NTNU.

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