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Mladic behind lock and turn, but the Balkans still on the bare ground

The Trial of Ratko Mladic
Regissør: Robert Miller,Henry Singer

The Trial of Ratko Mladic is an informative documentary that lays the controversy of the war crimes tribunal.


Ratko Mladic, general and commander-in-chief of the Bosnian-Serbian army during the war in former Yugoslavia, is considered by many to be one of the main responsible for the heinous crimes that took place in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995.

After fleeing 16 for years, Serbian police finally arrested Mladic in Serbia in May 2011. The trial in the International Court of Justice and the War Criminal Tribunal in The Hague, ICTY, started the same month the following year – almost 20 years after the outbreak of the war.

The court found Mladic guilty of 10 of the 11 charges, which included both genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Many people have been waiting for Mladic to get his sentence, and at the age of 73 he was sentenced to life imprisonment in November 2017.

The Trial of Ratko Mladic is shown in connection with Oslo's largest documentary film festival – Human, from 25 February to 3 March – and invites us into the courtroom and offices in The Hague, where they are preparing the case against Mladic. The film serves as a historical flashback where we see the video material from the war in Bosnia, but also how the excavation. . .

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