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Plowing new ground in all directions

The Oslo / Fusion film festival has succeeded in presenting a program with a huge range, where the lesbian horror comedy Women Who Kill is one of the highlights.


Other People
Directed by Chris Kelly

Real Boy
Directed by: Shaleece Haas

Yes, We Fuck
Directed by: Raul de la Morena

Women Who Kill
Directed by Ingrid Jungermann

For the 26th time, the Oslo / Fusion International Film Festival – until 2015 under the name Skeive Filmer – was held at the Cinematheque in September. Originally, the festival's intention was to show films with characters that queer could recognize themselves in. How do you make what may have been experienced as a niche festival, more relevant to more people – and what can actually be called "queer film"? Ahead of the festival, leader Vanja Ødegård told Ny Tid that she wants to show that the queer – in the sense of the norm-breaking – is not really anything out of the ordinary. Then it is hardly coincidental that this year's main themes are migration and POC (People of Color) with films about what it is like to be queer and Muslim – two current fields that have points of contact far beyond the queer world.

opening film Other People seriously lives up to the expectation of making queer topics relevant to more people. This is a feelgood movie like. . .

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