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Observations from Chiapas

TRAVEL ESSAY: 25 years after the Zapatista revolution, self-organized rebel communes coexist with Coca-Cola and religion in a surrealistic mix of anarchism and imperialism.

Women's place in the digital revolution

: Men have better access to digital technology – women risk lagging behind in the new labor market. But technology can also promote gender equality.

Call me by my (other) name

: Our new permanent columnist, philosopher and curator Paul B. Preciado, describes the political and social construction associated with gender identity, and the right to define who one is.

Peace with Freud 

: In a civil war-torn Syria, Rafah Nached continued his work as a psychoanalyst. It would cost her dearly.

A pattern refugee

Emil Langballe: The Wait.

: Rokhsar Sediqi is 14 years old, lives with his family in Denmark and has been waiting for a residence permit for four years. But what could have been an important and humane account of her fate is jarring.

Razor blade's cruel confirmation

: When two of the women in In My Mother's Name show how they perform a circumcision by cutting in a napkin, it is incomprehensible to take into account that this is actually performed on millions of female bodies. 

To turn the tolerance sheath after the wind

: The eagerness to accuse immigrants and Muslims of being intolerant of queers, appears quite strange when you look at what kind of attitudes still exist among so-called Norwegian ethnic.

The war on women

: It's serious now: The freedom-loving United States is about to deprive millions of women of the freedom to decide over their own bodies.

Trump, the pictures and politics

: As early as the 1930s, Walter Benjamin described how politics takes place in pictures. In Trump's age, there is no longer a difference between television series and politics.

Dear, don't be weird

: My dad Toni Erdmann. Screenplay and direction: Maren Ade.

: By taking their characters seriously, My Dad Toni Erdmann avoids the comedy genre's most obvious solutions.

Persistent systems of repression

: People are not made less racist by the fact that racism is banned.

They toughened gender norms

: Even though we feel that we have come a long way in Norway, it is dangerous to sit back and believe that the gay lobby has played its role.