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Strolling spy crime

Killing Eve (Based on The Vilanelle Novels by Luke Jennings)
Regissør: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

The British television series Killing Eve stands out in the multitude of crime series, with its driving and playful plot, cinematic paraphrases and unconventional stylistic choices.

Television series Killing Eve, now available on HBO, was originally produced for the BBC. That it was developed and directed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge – genius-ready for the promiscuous series Fleabag, where she plays the lead herself – creating an expectation of a liberating well-written plot, interesting characters and entertaining dark situations. The plan to watch one episode is quickly expanded to seven.

Sleepless series week

The series starts quietly. The main characters are priceless, the dialogue witty and sharp. The nerdy Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) cares. She cares about way too much all the time – with subsequent catastrophes. . .

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Ellen Lande
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