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Drawn towards something more simple and elemental

HIKING: Sylvain Tesson meets us with a harsh critique of everything modern and a tribute to the sublime simplicity of hiking. We rediscover how the local has lived hidden in the age of the global. This is a strong criticism of modernity and the authorities' eagerness to get the country on the modern bandwagon.

A shaky diagnosis of a disillusioned youth

DIAGNOSIS: Does hope lead to disappointment and desperation to terror? With Alain Bertho, we can talk about a presentism, ie a lasting present, without past or future.

How the great popular uprising could go so horribly wrong

SYRIA:A book about how the West stole democracy from the Arabs. It became completely grotesque when the great powers in the best colonial style began to assess the suitability of the individual peoples for independence: Syria itself ended up in category A – as suitable for independence, but Palestine ended up in category B.

Syrian echoes at the arrival of the Yellow West

Popular revolt is at its core the same, be it in Syria or France, writes a group of revolutionary exiles.