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For those who want to understand this crisis

Jacques Baud: Operation Z

UKRAINE: MODERN TIMES regular commentator, John Y. Jones, gives us here in this essay (via Jacques Baud) an overview of the balance of power, the progression of the Ukraine war, the propaganda threat, Russian intentions and Western reactions, the Nazi accusations and lies campaigns.

A militaristic elite

UKRAINE: What are the consequences of US and NATO expansion eastwards in Europe?

"A murderous system"

SWEDEN ACTIONS:: Why do the Swedish authorities not cooperate with the UN mechanisms and respect principles of openness, accountability and law when it comes to the Assange case, asks Swedish Arne Ruth.

"So! then you can go away, stupid surveillance capitalism. "

Shoshana Zuboff: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. The Fight for the Future at the New Frontier of Power

: MONITORING: I just do not realize that the root of the problem lies in the digital intrusion everywhere.

MODERN TIMES: Journalist seeks truth

11. September: What happened in the Norwegian public when MODERN TIMES wrote about 9/11? See the debate that followed.

Illiberal trends in Norwegian media

: Harsh attacks on skeptical dissent and lack of criticism of those in power: Is the mass media helping to restrict freedom of expression? Ny Tid has spoken with media researcher Rune Ottosen and Fritt Ord's director Knut Olav Åmås. 


Media: When did it become part of the Beware poster to take everything in the worst sense?

When you know someone who knows someone

: Thor Halvorssen's OFF and Human Rights Foundation have been strongly attacked for lack of credibility. Halvorssen believes the media creates 'facts', and attacks a number of Norwegian journalists who glorify the left in Venezuela.