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Russophobia and anti-Russian propaganda

ADVERTISING: Glenn Diesen has undertaken a comprehensive academic analysis of 'Russophobia' which we get a small glimpse into with this introductory chapter from his book Russiophobia: Propaganda in International Politics (2022). The West's relationship with this world's largest country is characterized by a mixture of fear and the teacher's superiority.

New threat images, war in Europe – and the defense of the future

All hindsight notwithstanding – the Russian #invasion# came hard on the vast majority of us. In terms of peace policy, we were also ill-prepared for it...

The military-industrial complex

MODERN TIMES CONVERSATIONS: From someone who should know the intricacies of foreign policy and geopolitics: Thorbjørn Jagland on military rearmament and enemy images – when it comes to the USA, Russia, China, Turkey and Libya.

Immigration as a means of payment for the sins of the West

TIME OF SETTLEMENT: Why should migrants "respect our borders"? The West never respected theirs. Immigration quotas should be based on how much the West has destroyed other countries.

Europe needs security for Russia, and security with Russia

What can the Western bloc do to improve the cool relationship with the great power in the east, asks Manfred Huterer, diplomat at the German embassy in Warsaw. Is an open dialogue and mutual respect between the West and Russia possible?

The Muslim Brotherhood and the West

In her latest book, Martyn Frampton argues that The Muslim Brotherhood is a contradictory organization, but the contradictions are also part of the success it is experiencing.

The vest, the rest and the big test

The term "the international community" must be redefined. Today, there is only one phrase politicians use when they do not want to take responsibility.

Bear Bow: Israel and the Arab States

ORIENTERING To expect a solution or just a will for a solution from the UN is to indulge in wild wishful thinking.