Theater of Cruelty


Wild Plants: (streaming for subscribers)

New eco-documentary gives an artistic look at how we can all live a wild and organic life.

Paragraph wrestling and climate match

Can Norwegian politicians be forced to change their policies through the courts? An initiative is under way that could potentially have major consequences for the distribution of power in Norway. Politicians and the business community are not enthusiastic, but grassroots activists are hoping for a breakthrough in environmental policy.

Climate change is most important

The goal of economic growth must be replaced with goals of increased resource efficiency, quality of life and sustainability.

Take care of what we have

"What is your favorite tool?" was the question I got from a newspaper once. They had a number of standard questions that they asked leaders of various ...

As friends stand and look out over the fjord

Tor shakes in the Nordic Arts Center Dale. The village is nevertheless a standing proof that man will always be nature lovers. Quite natural.

Coal is out

27 coal companies are thrown out by the Oil Fund. But how green can a fund investing in 9000 international companies be?

When will universities address climate change?

Biologist Dag O. Hessen is a member of the Council on Ethics in the Government Pension Fund (Oil Fund). He is among those who have recommended and longed for a greener ...

The ecology of conversation

Author Erland Kiøsterud answers philosophy professor Arne Johan Vetlesen by discussing the almost ubiquitous violence in society, in nature and in thinking.

Asbjørn Aarnes – a life

An 24 minute portrait of Aarnes (1923 – 2013), about life, relationship with God, a life after that, and the meaning of it all. Also about the ...

Green travel and the seriousness of the climate crisis

Norwegians travel farther and farther, but the climate imprint of the travelers is invisible in the climate accounts. A British adventurer has created an alternative short-lived holiday trend.