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JULY 22: In my opinion, the police could have panicked

THE EQUIPMENT: I transported 24 battered, shock-injured young people to safety on the mainland from Utøya. Several times I led the boat out to this hell on earth. Where were the police?

Carpet fall for the American Empire

GEORGE FLOYD: At this moment, the fundamental question is: can the United States really be saved?

Call for justice

Natasha Neri, Lula Carvalho: Police Killing (Auto de Resistencia)

POLICE VIOLENCE IN BRAZIL: : A forensic catalog of state-sponsored killings paints a bleak picture of life and death for poor, black youth in Rio's vast slums.

When society is militarized

: Many expect the authorities to ensure a safe society, where one does not have to fear dangers, new enemies and refugees. But are we able to see the consequences of the authorities' political "sneak introduction" of more control?

Spontaneously abducted, handcuffed and naked

: Pregnant Mithel Ghaneem spontaneously aborted when the police came to send her out of Norway. During three days after the miscarriage, she was put on the plane out of Norway with bleeding in the abdomen. 

"Traumatizing for the kids"

: Jon Ole Martinsen and NOAS are critical of the police coming and picking up asylum seekers at night or early in the morning: "We have received reports that the police have broken open the door to families with small children."

"Inhuman and unnecessarily brutal"

: NOAS and Secretary-General Ann-Magrit Austenå are upset about the treatment the Ghaneem family received. "We are concerned that more asylum seekers have recently been expelled despite advice from a doctor," she said.

Authorities believe they made no mistake

: Both the UDI and the Police Immigration Unit say that they have never seen the doctor's statement stating that Mithel Ghaneem should not be sent out. Police say they have followed the routines.