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THE DEPARTMENTAL HEART – "It is a real pleasure for me to deny them access"

Maria Rosvoll: Zolo Karoli

: Anti-Gypsyism is the latest yet widespread form of racism, which is directed against the Roma. Maria Rosvoll's Zolo Karoli is a feat of a book.

African-American thinking and critical racial studies

Melvin L. Rogers, Heather McGhee: African American Political Thought; A Collected History, The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together

RACE THEORY: In the United States, Republicans ban studies of racism. In Denmark, the Folketing has decided that the universities are «European». Viktor Orbán in Hungary had gender studies removed, and in Poland, social anthropology has become a favorite object of hatred. In Norway, the government sets up a commission due to fears of debate about "racist structures". The Norwegian public has copied this right-wing narrative from the United States – the notion that critical race theory, ie academic knowledge, should be a "societal problem". The background is an African-American intellectual heritage that began with the thinker Phillis Wheatley over 200 years ago.

Blacklisted workers were denied a job

Lucy Parker: solidarity

CONTROL: Careless bureaucrats, sly employers' organizations and a corrupt police system systematically monitor and blacklist "troublesome" or suspicious workers.

Worthy and unworthy lives

Judith Butler: The Force of Nonviolence

SIMILARITY: In The Force of Nonviolence, Judith Butler writes that systematic discrimination is the main cause of all violence.

The despair is stronger than hoped

OPTIMISM: By taking positive ideas more seriously, we can give them the same attention that toxic ideologies get today.

Brexit: The price of dishonesty

THE CHALLENGES OF EUROPE: The Brexit chaos seems to culminate in the British leaving the EU – now that the election of Boris Johnson is over. Brexit is the price the British have to pay for not having had an honest discussion about immigration, multiculturalism and the British Empire. But are Britain's problems unique?

The abused resolution and Norwegian embarrassment

: The British Foreign Affairs Committee's report on the Libyan war is overlooked in Norway: It explains that our allies on the ground were Libyan Islamists with ties to Al Qaeda.

Hidden everyday racism in France

Tanya de Montaigne: L'assignation. Les Noirs' existing pass

: On a daily basis, we constantly sacrifice the uniqueness, identity and individuality of others on the altar of group affiliation, writes the French political scientist Tania de Montaigne in a new book.

Black socialism in the United States

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation

: The United States is faced with the choice between socialism or barbarism.

Now we take him!

: ...

Our picture of Africa

: Many feel uncomfortable about how Africa is presented and understood. Recently, there has been an interesting turn in this debate: African voices have seriously signed up.