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Obama's loyal advisor

Susan Rice: Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For

MERCYLESS: Democrat Susan Rice was the United States Ambassador to the United States and became National Security Adviser. After tough negotiations with Iran, she got an explosive whistleblower case in her lap: Edward Snowden.

How will humans learn to live together in the world?

: What can the West learn from the East and vice versa when it comes to being human? Learning to be Human was the theme of this year's World Conference on Philosophy in China.

Safe energy

Roland Dannereuther: Energy Security

: Energy Security provides important knowledge about the interplay between energy security, economic growth, ecological sustainability and social justice. 


Deane Simpson, Vibeke Jensen and Anders Rubing (eds.): The City Between Freedom and Security

: Safety measures can cost more than they taste. Consideration of well-being and security in the urban space is a demanding balancing act.