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The effort in ORIENTERING contributed to a turning point in the Norwegian labor movement

: Sigurd Evensmo <7b> Journalist in the Arbeiderpressen from 1930 to 1949 in recent years as cultural editor of Arbeiderbladet.

"The Sami language is drowning"

SAMI: It is not only the Bergen International Literature Festival that is celebrated on 6 February. The day is also the Sami national day: sámi álbmotbeaivi. "Social structures make the Sami language drown", says author Sigbjørn Skåden, who participates in LitFestBergen

Were we unimaginative and pretentious?

Terje Holtet Larsen: Attempt to move at the speed of darkness

: All the short stories remind me, in their own way, that we are all going to die. Holtet Larsen's language is a cultivated language, an advanced language, is language for the sake of language.

Give Mao the burning hearts 

: China's most censored author has written a satirical and symbolic struggle for the truth.

Music must be built by necessity

: Do Not Say We Have Nothing is a multi-voiced novel about the collective brainwashing of the Cultural Revolution.

Freshwater pearl about the Bosnia war

: Reading Faruk Sehic's novel is like washing away the gray dust of everyday language and the sweaty smell of political dichotomies.