The effort in ORIENTERING contributed to a turning point in the Norwegian labor movement

Sigurd Evensmo <7b> Journalist in the Arbeiderpressen from 1930 to 1949 in recent years as cultural editor of Arbeiderbladet.


Monday, February 14 fills Sigurd Evensmo 60 years. In this connection, it may be natural to stop and make an ever so small summary, not least because the jubilee is Orienterings first editor and the only member of the editorial committee who has been involved since the beginning.

- As an editor at the time, could you imagine that Orientering, and the circle around Orientering, eight years later was to become the center of a new party formation? Or that you should look back on your 60th birthday Orientering as part of a life's work?

- No. The situation was very difficult from the very beginning. We were completely silenced, the economy was miserable, and after only one year, the first crisis came. We had no idea how long it would take.

When we struggled on, it was because we felt it despite. . .

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