"We are fascists"

Marco De Angelis-Italy-Renewal
NATIONALISM / To give an insight into Portugal's extreme right, the pressure Orientering in 1973 the following.


There are numerous examples of prison torture, political prisoners and a supreme contempt for human rights in today's Portugal. But perhaps the translation below of the local edition of "lift your head you quick boy", published by a Portuguese student organization, gives an equally good insight into what Dr. Caetano and his board stand for.


Crushing democracy takes courage!

Democracy is the exploitation of the people, hypocritically hidden.

Communism is the open exploitation of the people.

We are anti-democratic and anti-communist.

We are for Portugal and the Portuguese University.

We are for a university of the elite.

The best education for the best students.

We are against a university of the masses (a diploma mill).

We are against a university of capital (a nest of plutocrats).

We are for the social progress of the Portuguese people.

We are against the democratization of education.

We are for nationalism.

We are against internationalism.

We are for justice and against systematic amnesties.

We are for order and against legalized committees.

We are for peace and against the rotten peace.

We are fascists.

If you agree with us, you are also a fascist.

Come with us!


Do you have a head to think with or grow hair on?

Do you have your body to fight with, or drink coffee in a student cafe?

Do you have the youth to profit from, or to waste?

Do you have intelligence, or democratic prejudices?

Can you do your job or are you a sheep?

If you know what you want, and if you are a nationalist,

If you have enough ideological culture,

If you turn your back on the black capitalist bribery,

If you laugh at the communist provocations,

Why are you lying here doing nothing?

Stop talking about us, there are many tasks!

This year will be the last of the communist plague in academic life.

If you are a man, and a nationalist, you are a fascist!

And we are waiting for you! Join us and take part in the victory!

We are the University Fascist Youth (JUF)! The newest group on the right wing at the university.

Connections with Ansa (National Socialist Student Academy), CCC (Committee for Hunting Communists), etc.

For victory to come faster, all who are not for us are against us!

University Fascist Youth

Public support

It is part of history that even if only a small minority of students are affiliated with JUF, it is probably the only organization that receives public support, is allowed to organize meetings, demonstrations, etc. The left-wing students, on the other hand, receive ample subsidies in the form of clubs and lead.


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