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Juicy fines for coronal fractures in Spain

PENALTY: In Spain, the authorities have the option of imposing hefty fines on citizens who refuse to be vaccinated or oppose restrictions during the pandemic.

Just before the spring issue of MODERN TIMES goes to press, we read in El Pais that Galicia, one of Spain's autonomous regions, has decided that anyone who refuses to be vaccinated against covid-19 and future viruses risks being fined between 1000 and 600 000 euro (!).

The vaccine in Spain is voluntary, but the Vice-President of the Spanish Committee on Bioethics believes that there may be a legal basis for Galicia to maintain the provision anyway, since the Public Health Act of 1986 stipulates that measures may be taken restricting the freedom of the individual as long as it benefits the majority. The change also entails other sanction options, such as a fine for not using a mask (minimum 100 euros, can be set higher), a fine for being more than allowed, breach of curfew and the like.

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Iril Kolle
Freelance journalist, translator and graphic designer.
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