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Andrew Kroglund

Kroglund is a critic and writer. Also Secretary General of BKA (Grandparents' Climate Action).

Breaking the silence of the Lebanese civil war

Daniele Rugo, Abi Weaver: About a War
THE WAR IN LIBANON: About a War shows how understanding history can contribute to reconciliation and progress in a society where it is still taboo to talk about the past.

The river as the life blood of the city

Mario Cruz: Living Amongst What Is Left Behind
PHILIPPINES: A photo book shows us how the world looks to many. A garbage dump. A mockery of human dignity. A ruined ecosystem. Can the power of the photo assist us in the desire for change?

guerrilla Dama

Kari Gåsvatn: guerrilla Hagen
FOOD IN THE GARDEN: A new book claims that by cultivating the soil around you, on a slope, in a backyard or in a flower box, you become a more conscious consumer. These are the first steps towards a sustainable food future.

A descent into the world of torture

Dalia Kury: Privacy of Wounds
SYRIA: In a simulated prison cell, in a basement in Oslo, sit three men from Syria. It is a strong political documentary.

AS Norway: A capitalist actor, without sufficient conscience

Svein Hammer: The future of Norway. On the trail of a greener society
In his new book Svein Hammer makes many interesting reflections on a greener Norway

The new culture of uncertainty

Mary Kaldor: Global Security Cultures
Mary Kaldor's research shows that the security strategies of the authorities maintain and exacerbate the wars rather than halt them, and create good conditions for war profiteers.

The new glue of society

Ingeborg Eliassen and Svein Egil Omdal: Borger Payroll. The idea that changes the game
Would a monthly sum from the state to all the community's adults rekindle the sense of community between citizens?

Tourism – troublesome or enriching?

Megan Epler Wood: Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet: Environmental, Business and Policy Solutions
Tourism is under scrutiny in a thought-provoking book about a world industry in expansive growth.

Undressing the lie

Ilan Pappe: Ten myths about Israel
With Ten Myths of Israel, author Ilan Pappe shows how easy "truth" can be constructed and sold to uncritical masses. What consequences does this have for the objective, fact-based truth? The book is appalling reading, and a "must" for anyone interested in Middle East, democracy, politics and history.