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The impossible place

Normal Now: Individualism as Conformity
Forfatter: Mark G.E. Kelly
Forlag: Polity Press, (USA)
NORMALITY / Mark GE Kelly examines how norms affect important parts of life and our understanding of normality – with regard to sexuality, orientation, body image, identity, illness, death, individualism, hedonism, racism and white privilege.

When my daughter was celebrating her seventh birthday this summer, we sent out this message to the guests: “Dear birthday guests! I want something used, something you don't use anymore yourself. And not plastic. Looking forward to seeing you. Greetings Lucia»

A similar wish would have been almost unthinkable in my own childhood in the 1980s. I watched excitedly as she opened the presents: a dented box of change, a slightly worn teddy bear, a book with donkey ears, heirloom clothes – but she was just as happy as for brand new things. Wrapping paper and packaging only filled a small garbage bag, and I thought that hopefully soon this will be the norm. . .

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