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Pinar Ciftci

Ciftci is a journalist and actor.

Nature determines, not we

Lennart Nilsson: The Beginning
PHOTO: The theme of the exhibition 'The Beginning' with Lennart Nilsson's photographs is particularly touching and thought provoking now that the pandemic is raging.

What happened to the children's right to privacy?

Leah Plunkett: Sharenthood
"SHARE THINGS" : Parents share a snapshot of photos and information about their children in social media without considering the long-term consequences, and without the children's consent.

Worthy and unworthy lives

Judith Butler: The Force of Nonviolence
SIMILARITY: In The Force of Nonviolence, Judith Butler writes that systematic discrimination is the main cause of all violence.

In the shadow of Einstein

Allen Esterson, David C. Cassidy, Ruth Lewin Sime: Einstein's Wife – The Real Story of Mileva Einstein-Marić
TRAGICAL FATE: The unreasonable treatment of hopeful scientist Mileva Einstein-Marić continued after her death.

"Our existence depends on changing our growth and consumption habits"

WOMEN OF CHANGE: MODERN TIMES is talking to experienced Sandrine Dixson-Declève this time about sustainable growth and green development. She is now the leader of the European Commission's Expert Group for Research and Innovation.

Why does Islam need a sexual revolution?

Seyran Ateş. Translated by Kari Bolstad: Islam needs a sexual revolution
ISLAM: In a time when fear of Islam is spreading, Seyran Ates writes that Islam needs a sexual revolution to gain respect from the world community.

"Of course Europe must take responsibility"

THE GREEN EUROPE: "European Green Deal" is reminiscent of the first UN climate report 30 years ago, according to Margrete Auken in the European Parliament. "When it comes to the climate, we can't wait to come up with something smart. We must act now, ”she tells MODERN TIMES.

Born in the wrong booth

Soraya Zaman: American Boys
SEXUALITY: In the book American Boys, we see portraits of transgender reality, which are rooted in society's basic mistaken notion of gender and sexuality.

Who will own the stories?

Rebecca Solnit: Whose Story Is This?
POWER: Whose Story Is This? encourages each of us to change the world by changing what story we choose to tell and who it belongs to.