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Blogger Bush off the pitch

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan shows us how political power in the United States lies with bloggers.

By Henning André Søgaard, New York post@nytid.no

[blogging] Cindy Sheehan became world famous after she sat outside President Bush's ranch in Texas last summer demanding answers as to why her son was killed in Iraq. Her message was first presented by bloggers and then picked up by political journalists who brought the issue to the newspapers' front pages.

"All of these bloggers, who are not necessarily hard-core Democrats, agree on one thing: The people must regain power by mobilizing public opinion," claims Washington-based activist and lobbyist Ellen Miller. "This method of communication is probably the only thing that can challenge money and strong interest groups that still play on the president's team."

George W. Bush's support is set at a historic low, following revelations about evidence-making in Iraq, secret surveillance of US citizens and the torture of terror suspects. Only a third of voters are satisfied with the president.

Fundamental reorganization

Following the 2001 terrorist attacks, Washington DC lawmakers accepted restrictions on American civil rights that were unthinkable even during the Cold War. One political scandal after another has shaken the country, and now it seems that the president has used up the last remnant of his political capital.

What is behind this radical change of opinion? As the reelection of Bush in 2004 indicated, it takes more than scandals to get the American people to change their minds.

But observers in Washington DC still believe the president's low support and the scale of the recent countless scandals point in that direction. . .

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