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The organic class

Note on the new organic class
ENVIRONMENTAL FIGHT / The productivity of nature itself must be taken into account – other species, ecosystems, soil, the atmosphere and the sea. This was Bruno Latour's last book.

Bruno Latour passed away on Sunday 9 October after a long illness. We have lost a great thinker, who understood where the battle stands in our time: that all politics has become ecological and that all our acquisition and dissemination of knowledge requires us to come down to earth. We must understand our complex circumstances.

Bruno Latour

Ecology has become part of all political life, even there – or especially there – where it is absent or neglected. Although we are all woven into ecology, it makes sense to talk about the ecological class, precisely as everyone who cares about ecology and tries to learn from it.

The young Danish sociologist Nikolaj Schultz works with what he calls geosocial classes, at . . .

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Anders Dunker
Philosopher. Regular literary critic in Ny Tid. Translator.

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