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Europe must accept its Muslims

"Culture" has become an important mask used to hide a racist agenda at home and an expansionist policy outside.


[Islam] In the name of culture, George W. Bush's wars have become a noble mission to bring democracy to the culturally hostile Middle East. Blair's harsh attack on civil rights became a necessary defense of "British values" against cultural and religious aggression.

There is one dichotomy that has dominated Western political discourse since the Enlightenment, and which has been driven by Europe's economic and military expansion. The dichotomy between "us" and "them" – with "we" as Europeans or Westerners, permeated by the light of rationality and progress, and "them", still resting in a darkness of superstition and cultural stagnation.

This colonialist discourse from the right is once again on the rise in Europe. That is why the Chirac government in the French school history curriculum could shamelessly redefine the bleak decades of French colonization in Africa into a "civilization mission".

September 11, 2001 could have driven European governments to create more open relations with the ethnic and religious minorities who are not only institutionally marginalized, but also. . .

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