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Herzog: "Facts do not constitute the truth"

DUKE / The acclaimed German film director Werner Herzog talks about his latest film Meeting Gorbachev and warns against expressing the truth in precise terms.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Last DOK
Leipzig Festival pays special tribute to Werner Herzog (76),
the film director who may not need an introduction.

He has been described as one of the most influential German filmmakers of our time, and has distinguished himself with a rich career as a director. During DOK Leipzig he not only presented his new film Meeting Gorbachev, but also shared their insights with the audience in a special talk during the festival, dubbed "Ecstatic Truth". The discussion about Herzog's latest documentary Meeting Gorbachev was obviously at the center of the conversation with Kristina Jaspers, who was the curator of this special tribute.

"Russia is a more natural and long-term ally for the West than China or Pakistan, India or Brazil, for example."

Meeting Gorbachev is a portrait of the Russian politician and his agenda and
vision. But in addition to politics, Herzog wanted. . .

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Sevara Pan
Sevara Pan is a writer, based in Berlin.

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