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The factual basis for the slaughter of the Holberg debate

ASSANGE: While Dagbladet's Inger Merete Hobbelstad claimed that Julian Assange was allowed to speak "unchallenged", Bergens Tidende's Eirin Eikefjord gave him the psychiatric diagnosis paranoid. Did they have a basis for that?

During this year's Holberg debate, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was invited as one of the speakers. And with that, the organizers of the prestigious event let their audience hear a world-renowned dissident – the leader of the organization who has published more internal military and foreign policy documents from the superpower United States than anyone else, and source of inspiration for whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden and many others.

(See comment from the debate.)

The only major daily newspapers that covered the Holberg debate were Bergens Tidende (BT) and Dagbladet. Their articles had in common that they did not refer to more than one sentence at a time on the content of submissions and that they focused on Assange not being allowed to speak or should have less talk. BT's Eirin Eikefjord called the whole debate a "factory for fake news" and prioritized peoples harassment – such as calling Assange a "paranoid narcissistic clown" – and conspiracy theories that he was in alliance with Russia. The newspaper's Inger Merete Hobbelstad claimed that Assange was allowed to speak "unreservedly" and even wrote that just seeing Assange and journalist and documentary filmmaker John Pilger on the talk list was reason enough to "have an idea" about the whole debate.

Ny Tid has asked both Hobbelstad and Eikefjord if they have a basis for their claims and characteristics.

Own conspiracy theories. In the BT article (4.12.) You quote in two places conspiracy theories that Russia and WikiLeaks are in cahoots and conspire against liberal values ​​in a number of places in the world – such as France,. . .

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Eirik Vold
Former freelancer in MODERN TIMES. Today political adviser in Red.

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