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Sparkling new talents in Edinburgh

I Don't Want to Call It Home / Ululation
Regissør: Léa Luiz de Oliveira og Nisan Yetkin/Carina Haouchine
(Storbritannia (begge))

The Edinburgh International Film Festival introduces fresh talent and new voices during this year's festival, while reflecting the cultural diversity Edinburgh has to offer. 

"The movies are limp and glowing, and so are the guys who make them. There are shocking stories of talented people who are inactive for a year and lose all competence. ”So the British documentary's godfather John Grierson summoned 1947 in the summer as he settled on what he considered an English documentary film environment in crisis. Grierson, who himself was behind milestones like the silent film Drifters (1929), was then the director of mass communications for UNESCO, which had been founded in November the year before. The Jeremiah appeared in an essay entitled "A Time to Ask Questions", published in the brochure of a sensational and groundbreaking eight-day event at Edinburgh's Playhouse Theater (which is still there). On 31 August, it was to begin under the banner "The first international. . .

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Neil Young
Young is a regular film critic for Modern Times Review.

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