Can we recover the Amazon's lung?

These days, the Amazon jungle is bleeding like never before. Forest fire in a number it has not seen before ravages a gigantic area. Brazilian President Bolsonaro claims that burning is inflicted by Native Americans or peasants or sympathizers trying to put his politics in a bad light. A president who has made the expansion of cattle breeding and meat production an agricultural policy issue!

For the French philosopher and psychiatrist Félix Guattari (1930-92), such would simply be an expression of the last convulsions of the Enlightenment. For when it bleeds in the Amazon, it is because it bleeds into the human mind, a mental life captured by abstract notions of man over the animal and nature. This is culture as opposed to nature, industrial mechanics put above all living life's own capacity to form connections (machine dynamics) – a mental meltdown that makes it impossible to escape the totalization of capitalism.

We must be different from ourselves, says this utopia.

Bolsonaro's policy based on the Bible, beef and bullet (God, meat and military) is a policy that has not only turned every biotope into a capitalist profit, but also dissolved every social resistance and change in a hierarchical order – with a monopoly of violence. Current Brazil is similar to Guattaris. . .

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