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Climate rebel with unity and lightning glue

This is Not a Drill – An Extinction Rebellion and more
Forfatter: Extinction Rebellion Handbook
Forlag: Penguin (Storbritannia)
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE / Is it possible to get something positive out of a recognition that civilization and the globe are about to go down?

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Occupy Wall Street got a lot of attention as they poured into New York's financial district under the "We are the 99%" tab eight years ago.
Occupy activists were concerned with social and economic differences between the one percent richest and the rest of the people. Extinction Rebellion (XR) writes: "We can, and must, succeed in launching a peaceful revolution that will end the era of fossil fuel, destruction of nature and capitalism." The common denominator of the two activist groups: Capitalism is the root of all evil, be it economic differences or climate change, and so must "radical system changes".

Since its inception in the United Kingdom (October 2018), XR has spread its nonviolent actions to the world, including our oil-rich tab of the globe, as mentioned in Truls Lies Heads "Cursed" in the May issue of New Time.

The book is a two-part collection of essays from various contributors – the first part of which paints scary images of the condition and future of mother earth, in an attempt to turn the reader's despair and climate anxiety into action in part two.

If you manage to read this far, then – you should have a good day for essay after essay with dramatic claims about the end of the globe and civilization: "The climate [...] is destroying lives and threatening our future." We live in an "ecological crisis "and" mass extermination "driven by" boundless greed ". We have "eradicated ecological diversity and indigenous peoples" and are heading towards the safe demise if we continue on the same track. There is no room for doubt, nor is there any hope in the existing (economic and political) system – hard to digest for a reader.

Pierre Ballouhey, see www.libex.eu

New terrain

The UN Climate Panel IPCC was overly cautious in its climate predictions, should we believe the essay "Doom and Bloom: Adapting to Collapse". In short: We have no time to lose. But how should a disillusioned, despairing person prepare mentally for civilization to perish? "We cannot escape despair, but must allow universal love to be our compass as we enter a new physical and psychological terrain," writes Professor Jem Bendell with a background from sustainable management and finance.

Britain declared climate crisis the first country in the world.

He predicts a "collapse" within ten years for most countries, and describes his own period of grief when he realized. . .

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