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Camille, Hannah, Lisa, Pauline and Flora

Katy Hessel: The Story of Art (Without Men)

WOMEN: Art done by men is simply given more attention: in collections, in exhibition programs, in art literature, in the art market. But what about the large number of female artists over the past 500 years?

African-American thinking and critical racial studies

Melvin L. Rogers, Heather McGhee: African American Political Thought; A Collected History, The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together

RACE THEORY: In the United States, Republicans ban studies of racism. In Denmark, the Folketing has decided that the universities are «European». Viktor Orbán in Hungary had gender studies removed, and in Poland, social anthropology has become a favorite object of hatred. In Norway, the government sets up a commission due to fears of debate about "racist structures". The Norwegian public has copied this right-wing narrative from the United States – the notion that critical race theory, ie academic knowledge, should be a "societal problem". The background is an African-American intellectual heritage that began with the thinker Phillis Wheatley over 200 years ago.

Climate rebel with unity and lightning glue

Extinction Rebellion Handbook: This is Not a Drill – An Extinction Rebellion and more

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: Is it possible to get something positive out of a realization that civilization and the planet are about to perish?

Confined by their own family

Tara Westover, Katy Morgan-Davies: Educated / The Girl In the Shadows

CATCHED: In two autobiographies we get to know Tara Westover and Katy Morgan-Davies, respectively, who were both brainwashed, manipulated, abused and held captive by their own family – until they finally managed to escape.

Step forward, yes, but progress?

Steven Pinker: Enlightenment Now. The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress

: In his eagerness to defend reason and enlightenment, Steven Pinker forgets that this can include more than what he himself puts into the concepts.

The devil in the distractions

Michael Harris: Solitude. In Pursuit of a Singular Life in a Crowded World

: Solitude is an occasionally interesting reflection on the many qualities of loneliness, in a time where we are almost always connected to others. 

Extreme artist's mirror

Marina Abramović: Walk Through Walls

: Marina Abramovic's autobiography is as uncompromising and confrontational as her performance art.

A critic's defense speech 

AO Scott: Better living through criticism.

: The critic tests how art can benefit the citizens of civil society. We need criticism more than ever!