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Mjøsa: Place sense and carrier bag

ESSAY / The constant focus on work, busyness and productivity removes us from a neighborly relationship between things
- every day there are people who can feel that something is also breaking in them.

The other day I saw the new documentary Marianne & Leonard – Words of Love, a film about the love story between Canadian songwriter Leonard Cohen and his Norwegian muse Marianne Ihlen. But it is also a movie about the magical time of the sixties on the Greek island of Hydra, about experimenting with life, body and nature. People went to the Greek islands to find other communities and a different life, start a conversation with place, people and nature. Of course, it got a kind of page with drugs and lonely children left to themselves.

But even today, there is a longing to explore life and communities in new ways. Born of uncertainty in politics and economics as well as existentially – that. . .

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Alexander Carnera
Carnera is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen.

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